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                                Parenteral nutrition using the veins.

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                                    Nutrition is a topic which is all around us, day by day. While we often talk about obesity and weight loss diets we actually overlook that the opposite, meaning mal- or undernutrition, can be as detrimental. We talk about malnutrition when our body is not provided with sufficient energy and nutrients over several days. These nutrients, for example protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals, are necessary to ensure all essential functions of the body.

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                                        When our nutritional status is not optimal our body will get w​eaker in its reaction towards challenges, such as a disease, a cold or an infection. Improving our nutritional status will therefore support and protect our body.

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                                          Every normal form of nutrition is actually enteral. The word, which comes from the Greek “enteron,” or intestines, means, “using the gastrointestinal tract.” Enteral nutrition therapies are designed for patients who cannot nourish themselves sufficiently but still have an adequate digestive function. It is therefore ideal for patients who experience problems chewing or swallowing, loss of appetite, suffer from neurological or gastro-intestinal diseases, or are unconscious. Enteral nutrition is administered via sip feeds or also tube feeds.

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                                              Patients who are given betting 365 Kabi infusion solutions receive all the components of balanced nutrition: carbohydrates, amino acids and fats as well as minerals, vitamins and trace elements. The composition of these nutritional solutions can be precisely balanced to feed a patient for any period of time.

                                            2. Parenteral nutrition is necessary when the stomach or intestine – for instance due to an illness or operation – can no longer perform their tasks. A doctor may also decide that a patient should receive parenteral nutrition prior to an operation or during lengthy examinations when he or she is not allowed to eat. In intravenous nutrition, all key nutrients enter the bloodstream as molecular components. A patient can rely on parenterally given nutrients for a long period of time.

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                                                    There are a number of liquids with a variety of compositions that can be used for parenteral nutrition therapy either on their own or as a mixture. When deciding on the best nutritional therapy, the general condition of the patient plays an important role, as well as a patient’s age and weight. There are also solutions for patients with kidney or liver disease that contain a special composition of amino acids. betting 365 Kabi offers amino acids and carbohydrates as single components but also as a combination that contains both nutritional elements. Three-chamber bags contain all three important nutrients including fats.

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