Well, in the past few years interior design tools have been developed and everything has digital. The designer will have the idea of using Computer-Aided Design for designing and planning the interiors. With the help of the software, you can design your home according to the latest trends that are available in the market. So, there are many tools that can be used in interior design software for free where you visualize the design and put them in software for making the design look good. Below are the best free interior design software tools.


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SketchUp is the software used for a 3D design where you will find on the internet. The SketchUp has an open-source library tool where you design your home comfortably. So, the software can be more suited to people like architecture, construction, engineering, and commercial interior design. But while the software can more difficult to design complex surfaces and visualize the 3D models.

AutoDesk AutoCAD

This software is the most difficult tool used in the interior design and used in all architectural and interior design companies that can make a must learn tool for every interior designer. AutoDesk is known for its good productivity tools and the tool will offer excellent tools for the 3D animation and visualization of the interiors when you have the ideal design plan.

Smart Draw

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The Smart Draw is a very powerful tool in interior design that can be used for floor planning. This tool can be very easy to learn and with the help of advanced tools the software can design the floor in the possible layouts. The other thing about this software is that the tool is free for only for the first seven days and in case if you are thinking of using it for a longer period then it must be upgraded.


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This software will give in-depth ideas about the interior design which is available in the market. Also, the software is designed especially for professional designers and can be used for the interior design software for free which can create plans on 2d and 3d. Infurnia can provide all kinds of designs like 3D image renders, panoramic renders and VR renders.

Apart from these, there are a few other software that can be used for designing the home in whichever way you want. However, the above ones will provide the ideal tools for interior design software for free. Hope that I have covered all the topics in my article about the best free interior design software tools. Thanks for reading!

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